Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Music Will Never Leave Me Now!

I don't remember if I mentioned how our goal went of finding 2 new investigators a day. We found 48 in the month of September. Wow, it was amazing! Miracles happen with obedience and faith! Thank you for all the prayers and love!

I have learned about doing hard things this week.  Early this week President Jenkins called me into his office and asked me if I would sing in a quartet the song "More Holiness Give Me" for our entire mission, another mission in Arizona, and Elder Sitati of the 70 when he comes to our mission and another mission in a few weeks.

Then President gave me an assignment, which was the real reason why he called me in. He said "Sister Zimmerman, I would like to give you the assignment to be the music coordinator for the member missionary firesides in our mission. I graciously accepted this assignment,
knowing that this would be difficult. This assignment requires me to organize 2 music performances per fireside (monthly). Each month I have to figure out who is going to sing and then call them all, get the music, and then figure out when to practice. Both of the two musical numbers will have 4-12 Elders and Sisters each who practice once every week for the 3 weeks before the fireside ... for the rest of my mission. Oh Dear!!!

The last sister who did this, sister Brady, was only called 7 months ago... So I have quite a long time to go before I will give up this assignment to another sister... About 15 months worth actually. I have no Idea what I am doing but I am confident that the Lord will take care of everything I cannot do. This can be stressful but I am sure you will hear more about this in the future.

In fun news, a man told us we were cursed this week. Ramone was his name and he was not very happy with us. He tried to preach his gospel to us and have us deny our faith. We didn't fight with him, because that is not what Christ would do. And after sharing a peaceable message with him, he walked away and said "you're cursed, I hope you can live with this, you're cursed" All I can say about that experience is that the Church is True!

 A water
bottle that I jimmied to hold up our shower curtain. Gangster
rigging.. As Elyssa and I would say.

I will have more inspiring thoughts next week.
Love you all!

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