Monday, May 30, 2016

The fire's gettin' hotter and the price is gettin' higher

Just a short email today!
Man, it is getting pretty hot out here. But the reward for righteous servants of the Lord is just too high to ever give up. We need the Lords blessings... And so we just keep going!
I hope all is well and that each of you is enjoying such a beautiful new week!

Walking Tall At District Meeting

This past week we had interviews. A few hours before my companion and I interviewed with President and Sister Jenkins. I was studying about spiritual gifts and asked Heavenly Father what my personal gifts were. I figured that I would have to be patient and then put the question in the back of my mind for now. I knew God would answer me eventually. When I went in to be interviewed, President asked me about "BECOMING" and when we finished talking about it he said "Sister Zimmerman... You have always been a diligent, organized, and obedient missionary. You have always been a good leader. You have always been a powerful teacher. You have always been trustworthy and capable and very able to do anything you are called to do... You might say those are some of your spiritual gifts." He continued talking about my companion and my area and such and I just sat there thinking "woah, President just answered my prayer!", it was so cool! He really just sat there and listed off many of my spiritual gifts not knowing that I had just prayed to know what they were that very morning. Heavenly Father knows just what we need!

I wish I had more time to talk about this but we were able to be the answer to many peoples prayers this week. On multiple occasions we would knock on a door and someone would answer with a look of shock on their face and say "who sent you here?" And we would think to ourselves... "Oh man, do we have the wrong door... Maybe we can just walk away slowly and they won't notice we came" and then they would soften and invite us in kindly and say "my mother and I prayed that you would come today, but we know you are so busy". We would sing and share a scripture and there would be tears of joy that God answers prayers. This week has definitely been inspired. And all the time we just had a thought come to mind of who to visit and we followed it. Nothing grandiose or anything.... just the spirit guiding us to where God needs us to be! How wonderful it is to be angels ministering unto the children of God.

Mini golfing today with sister Beach (photobomb: sister Duiai)
Sidewalk chalk time!

Fun on exchanges
Some Quotes and things:
"I'm not going to ask someone how to get somewhere if they've never been themselves" -elder Svedberg (my Zone Leader)
(This is why we need to be personally converted so we can share our testimony with others. If we don't believe what we have to share our friends may not even give the gospel a try. We can only lift someone if we are on higher ground and we can't convert anyone beyond our own personal conversion.)

"It's easier to build boys than to mend men" - bishop Andrews
(Prepare and prevent is always easier than repairing and repenting)

Have a splendid week!
Sister Z

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