Monday, May 30, 2016

Then a whisper softly comes "I will let you know"

To begin here are some darling definitions of "LOVE" given by children:
~Love is when daddy gives mommy the best piece of chicken.
~Love is when you tell a boy you like his shirt and he wears it every day.
~Love is when someone says your name and it sounds different because you just know your name is safe in their mouth.
And the last one which is so true...
~You shouldn't say love unless you mean it but if you mean it you should say it a lot because people forget.

I heard those in a talk given yesterday about Mothers! So sweet!

Thank you to everyone who wrote me a response about BECOMING. Your thoughts really helped me this week. This is how you helped:
Satan does not want us to be happy so he will try to stop us from making good decisions and make us feel terrible for the good things we do....Right!?
So after Skyping my family and getting a glimpse back into real life (which was so fun and amazing! I loved it) I was overwhelmed with this feeling: "you haven't changed at all. You will never be able to change." That is not anything close to what the Savior teaches. Satan wants to convince us that change, or using the atonement, is impossible. If he can convince someone not to use the atonement then he has won. I re-read the beautiful thoughts that were sent to me about becoming and I found a peace in knowing that I have changed and I can change thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's hard to notice your own progress. It is more visible others, especially those who know and love you most like our Father in Heaven, our brother Jesus Christ, and our earthly family. So if you are trying and don't feel like you are making any progress then ask your Heavenly Father to show you how far you've come. He'll show you how much you have changed. And don't listen to Satan. Anything that doesn't invite or entice people to do good is not of God so don't give Satan even a second of your precious time ;)

My sister Elyssa sent me an email about receiving personal revelation and how answers don't always or typically come in loud or obvious ways. "he hath spoken unto you in a still small voice" (1Nephi 17:45)
So this week as I listened to a terribly cheesy LDS music CD called "HALLELUJAH" the lyrics of a certain song stood out to me about receiving answers from God.
It goes like this:

Answers here answers there answers everywhere
Which way do I go?
Then a whisper softly comes
"I will let you know"

Pleading with faith for direction
I want to do His will
Then a whisper softly comes
"I am with your still"

And our hearts burn within us as we walk down this road
Take the hand of the Prince of peace to our Father's home

Less than 9 months of mission miracles left and I am going to give every minute of these months to the Lord. This is the best time of my life! Hurrah for Israel!

As a family we recoginzed the 

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