Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm glad that I have time to share some thoughts this week!
Here are some catch up things because I did not get to write last week.

I may have already mentioned this before but...a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins who live near the mission) which was a blast. I felt so much love that day and am always grateful to be part of the Zimmerman gang! We also got to celebrate with the Heywood family. I love them so much!

Mesa Arizona Visitor Center-
We work shifts at the Visitors' Center for the Temple Christmas lights which is so fun! We love seeing how God truly guides His children to find the truth. We have people every night who walk up to us and ask if they can be taught by missionaries because of the special spirit that they have felt on the Temple grounds. 
Seriously-- miracles are flowin' here!

And now for the MIRACLES:
ANGEL- we got a referral from the Visitors' center for a Trevor and went to knock on his door because he wasn't answering the phone. We knocked on the door and another man came to the door and said that no Trevor lived there so we taught the man at the door named Angel and it turns out that he is really interested in learning what we have to share. God even works with our mistakes when we go to the wrong address. God is so good!

KENDAL FLAMM- we were at the Visitors' Center for a singing practice when I hear someone call my name. Down the hall I see sweet Kendall who went to high school in Ohio with my sister and I and was recently baptized this summer. It was so neat to see her and hear about her conversion. She had so many amazing influences that led her to the church including Elder Nye (serving in California) and Elder Kerry (serving in a Colorado). You never know how you might influence someone so be kind and don't hesitate to share the gospel with everyone you meet.

KENDRICK- last night at the YSA Christmas Devotional potluck my companion sat down to wait until it started and out of the corner of my eye I see Kendrick. He was someone I found, taught, and then got to see baptized in one of my old areas. He is amazing and truly changed his life to join the church. We weren't even going to be there that night and neither was he but God guided us there and we sat down and talked about his life as a recent convert and it was so good. Seriously that was a tender mercy! (Picture below)

Sister Taber is one of my sweet friends. For December 1st we decided to do some service and help her out with some things around the house. She has Parkinson's disease which makes it hard for her to do heavy lifting and such. We enjoyed spending time with her and serving as the Savior would have served and we look forward to seeing her again soon! 

Worldly movies bring inspiration sometimes
This week in our YSA testimony meeting several people bore their testimony on something they learned from the new Disney movie Moana. I know that's kind of weird but it brought me an answer to my prayers. The YSA members talked about how at some part of the movie the main character asks the ocean to take her to someplace to find what she is looking for and it drops her off on this island where she feels that she is not supposed to be. She is angry and says to the ocean 

"I asked you to help me. Why did you put me here?"

Man oh man... how many times have I asked God that in my frustration when things don't seem to be going the way I had planned. I shake my fists and heaven and say,

"I asked you to help me! Why did you put me here?" or "Why is this happening?"

In the end the island ended up holding what the main character was looking for and that's how it always works with God. We don't have his all knowing perspective. He asks us to hold on and trust Him so that He can make the most out of us. When we do we will receive more than we had ever planned or dreamed of. God's really good at blessing us. He wants us to succeed so trust His plan and hang on tight no matter what trials you may be facing. The captain of the ship knows where we need to go and He will never lead us astray.

Born a Sacrifice For All
At testimony meeting this week Bishop Coons told a story about going to a funeral of a baby that passed away in his extended family. This mother of this child carried the baby full term and loved it knowing that he was going to die. When the child was born he looked completely healthy on the outside but only had half of a heart. After 2 weeks of struggling to hold onto life he passed away. Even though the baby only lived for those 2 short weeks his mother cared for him and loved him completely.

Bishop continued his story saying...

"I think also of another mother who bore a child... knowing that He was going to die prematurely. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, knew all along that her Son was born to save the world... but that could only be done if He suffered, bled, and died for all of us."
I sat there listening to this story and just cried to think of the love that Mary had as the mother of Jesus... but also of the love that Jesus has for me. I will live again after death because he gave His life for me and for that I am forever grateful!

Have a Holly, Jolly, Christmas!
Sister Zimmerman

This is so me!

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