Thursday, August 27, 2015

Provo Mission Training Center

August 5th, 2015

Hello family,
A BIG thank you to all of the kids for the e-mails. They have lifted my spirits today.
Sister Zimmerman & Sister Hirschi

MTC Day 1:
So I got to the MTC and met my companion Sister Hirschi (sounds like Hershey... like the chocolate)
She is awesome and My district is amazing and we have been trying so hard to be outstanding and obedient... we have gotten so close!  Sister Hirschi and I are getting along well. She really likes to do things slowly which can be hard because I am all about efficiency and going fast but that's alright! I love her regardless of that and all else!
There is such a spirit here in the MTC. The words to hymns are so much more meaningful and I am so happy! It is so easy to feel the spirit!

We haven't had a set teacher for our classroom times because out new missionary entrance group was the largest group ever admitted to the MTC at one time... around 600 or more missionaries. So they were having trouble finding enough teachers.

Day 2: 
MTC food is good and I have been losing weight because I just don't eat very much! They have so many good options such as fruit and yogurt and veggie wraps which I get all the time! There is a strict schedule and almost no free time so we have to be productive.

All the sisters in my residence/dorm are amazing and so cute we all get up and do a workout class almost every morning that is just for sisters ( yoga, aerobics, step class, abs and such)
It is so fun and let's us use our gym time to study or prep or go outside with the elders and play sand volleyball! yay

Learning and teaching is hard and awkward and scary but soooo good! I am learning so much each day...

DAY ???
So the days all blend together so I will just tell you updates.

My companion and I were appointed as the new sister training leaders for our zone and another Zone... it is a lot to do on top of learning and being a missionary but it is fun.
So we all committed to be super obedient and that is awesome! It is a must as a missionary!

We had a devotional yesterday and President Russell M. Nelson and his wife spoke... it was amazing and out entire district sang in the choir. It was his first talk as the President of the quorum of the 12. He spoke about us being epistles and how we are never past God's love if we are willing to sincerely repent. It was amazing.

There is also an opportunity to watch films every Sunday night. We saw a talk by Elder Bednar called the Character of Christ... it was Life Changing! He spoke of true change and acting like Christ and looking outward in stead of inward!
It was amazing!

So the pic that mom got this morning was from the director of MTC dining that I knew from campus floral...he said he'd send it to you and then show my boss! I love knowing people! ha ha

What a wonderful Surprise!  I received a text with this photo of my sweet daughter from the cafeteria manager at the MTC.  I believe in tender mercies!
So funny story... when Sister Nelson go up to speak it reminded me of the time when I blocked her teleprompter one time which caused her to stop her talk and... anyways that's just a funny memory... it was when I was delivering flowers to the Marriott Center for Women's Conference!
I am so happy and I can't wait to go and serve the Lord in Mesa!

I miss you and love you sooooo much Mom and Dad and family! 
Always know that you are loved!
-Sister Hailey Ellen Zimmerman

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