Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 2 in the MTC- A Week of Gratitude!


Thank you Kellems, Bradfords, and Jensens for the packages! I was so happy to receive them! I had been kind of sad that day in the MTC and that was just what I needed to cheer me up! 
I loved the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Grandma and Grandpa B! Thanks so much! 
Thanks Mom and Dad for the crackers and USB thing and letters! I needed to feel that love at that time in the MTC! Oh, and thanks mom for the cinnamon rolls! They were a real treat!

So to answer Dad's old questions about the MTC:
-the showers are community but pretty nice and cleaned every week at least
-we still have bunk beds but my comp Sister Hirschi let me sleep on the bottom
-my hives went away but I haven't tried the other medication yet so I may try that in a week or so
-we didn't do any pranks, however there is this game called "What are the odds" where someone says to the other person "what are the odds you'll lick that wall, or eat that piece of trash on the ground, or touch the wall on the other side of the sisters restroom (to an elder), or drink a whole glass of orange juice that gives you diarrhea" and then the person will say "1 in 10 or 1 in 25" (it only goes up to 50 or 100 or you just say no way if it's way to gross... and then both people playing the game say one two three and choose a number between those two numbers and if it is the same number the person has to do it (or if the two numbers said equal the highest number then they have to do it) it's pretty hilarious!

I met Bergandy Peterson (she is a cousin of the Peterson's that we're related to and I saw her in one of my MTC classes. She was like, oh you're going to Mesa... my family is from there" and I said " oh really do you know Amy and Shawn Peterson and she said " they are my aunt and uncle... and we freaked out ! ha ha ha she is beautiful and amazing!

Mom, thanks for your quotes on motherhood that you sent!

So at the end of my MTC experience I really wanted to feel the spirit and so I did what we call a Book of Mormon read where you write down a question and pray about it and then read anywhere in the Book of Mormon and find your answer. I was in 3 Nephi 13... and in this chapter we read Jesus teaching the nephites the Lord's Prayer and he commands the apostles to take no thought for temporal things.  It was amazing.  Then I accidentally took a wrong scripture reference to Ezra 9:8-9 which completely answered my question. When I had realized that it was the wrong footnote that I followed I knew that Heavenly Father was wanting to answer my question. Then I followed another reference to Alma 5:43-50 which was another amazing scripture about missionary work and testimony.

A Little Fun at the MTC!!!

Thanks again everyone for the letters, gifts and love!  It meant so much to me.

Sister Hailey Ellen Zimmerman

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