Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thanks and Giving!

Good Monday to all!
Today I am grateful for my dear companion sister Child's who is a gem 💎

Something wonderful happened today! We got a text from one of our investigators and her roommate who is less active who told us to come by and see them right away. We have been teaching them for quite a while and we are helping one of them stop smoking (she gave us a pack of her cigarettes and we replaced them with fake ones that had scriptures inside... There's definitely a longer story to that part but for now that's what we did). So when we got her text today on P-day we were a little surprised... We are supposed to meet her tonight so we wondered why it couldn't wait and figured it was an emergency or she was going to drop us or something... So we dropped by. They pulled up a chair and said "we have something to tell you" and we were so scared to hear what they were going to say. Suddenly they pulled out two Christmas bags and said "we didn't know when you sisters were going to be transferred so we have your Christmas gifts now". Well the part I didn't mention was that out investigator is way amazing at crocheting and knitting scarves... And she made us two scarves. We were so grateful for such a thoughtful gift. They cried as they gave us their gift. They have so very little but are still able to give us something
so meaningful. I am blessed to know them. I interact with angels each day. I attached a picture of us below.

I also just finished my first mission Book of Mormon. As I started a new Book of Mormon today I took the advice of my Dads last "The Stake Presidency (TSP)" message and am doing an entire Book of Mormon study on Gratitude. Our mission President asked us to start reading the Book of Mormon with a question in mind. We all write our questions in the front of our Book of Mormons and then ponder that question each day as we read. As we do that we are able to receive personal revelation more readily and direct answers to that question every day. Here are the questions I will be asking for this Book of Mormon:

1. What am I grateful for?
2. Have I seen the hand of the Lord reaching out to touch my life or the lives of others today?
3. What blessings has the lord given me?

What have you learned from your scripture study recently?

We wash our car every Monday, inside and outside so that as representatives of Jesus Christ we can appear presentable and professional. When our car is clean we can feel the spirit more... We should keep ourselves clean on the outside and on the inside so that we can feel the spirit and be a representative of Christ at all times and in all things and in all places. Some other details: We drive a Toyota Corola. It is very nice. Sister Child's drives since she is the senior companion but I took this test and was certified to drive my first transfer because my companion is a Sister Training Leader and had to go on exchanges with some sisters who are from other countries and cannot drive. A few days ago I got to drive a brand new whit Jeep Compass... It was beautiful... The sisters who live out in the boonies get 4 wheel drive cars which is cool... And lame cars for the rest of us.

I also sent 2 packages out today, one to Italy to Carmen my sweet friend and one to Germany to my dear friend Cara! They both hold the most precious thing I could give them... The Book of Mormon which contains the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that my friends will be able to find peace and joy from such a Wonderful gift. It is my pleasure to send it to them.

HEY Dad... I Tried and liked fish... I'll send a few pictures which pretty much explain the entire experience. I really did it just because we only live once, and Dad always asks me to try fish... But I never do, until now... And I don't have too many crazy stories so I have to make some of my own. I also got bit by a dog this week... Woo hoo!

Grandma and grandpa Z dropped off another package! It was the most darling package with flowers and coconut cookies and hot chocolate because it has been cold here recently. P.s. Life is going to be hard when I get home... I am getting used to the heat and my blood must have thinned of because any temperature below 75 degrees is FREEZING! Absolutely freezing! Anyways here's to the future! ☃

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman for the package!!!

We also were able to watch a special regional broadcast by Elder LYNN G. ROBINS, ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS, LAWRENCE A. CORBRIDGE, LINDA S. REEVES. Oh my gosh, it was so amazing.
Here are some of my notes:

We need to answer "Primary" questions first. Not primary as in primary class in church but as in foundational, first, before secondary. These questions define our testimony and will solve all of our other cares and concerns and secondary questions about gospel practices if we can just know the rock of our beliefs by answering these questions with a yes!

1. Is there a God who is our Heavenly Father?
2. Is Jesus Christ the son of God?
3. Is Joseph Smith a prophet?
4. Is the true church of Jesus Christ on earth today?

One of the brethren talked about avoiding deception and said "we should have a testimony strong enough so that we can stay and never go away". He was referring to the bible stories where people reject Christ and then Jesus asks even his apostles "will ye also go away?" Elder Corbridge asked us the same question "will ye also go away? And if you leave, where would you go?" Wow... That hit me so strongly! NO I will not ever go away, I am firmly planted in the gospel. I am not just converted to the church but to the gospel of Jesus Christ which WILL NOT fall and WILL NOT fail us! If I were to leave I would have no where to go. I have tasted of the joy of the Gospel and there is nothing that the world could provide that is as sweet as the gospel is. There is nothing that can satisfy our spiritual hunger other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Just as a side note...If you wish to prepare for Thanksgiving I found some good talks you could read."Grateful in any circumstances" talk by President Uchtdorf and "O Remember Remember" by President Eyring

Love you all!
Sister Zimmerman!

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