Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's A Little Jumbled!

This week was a little all over the place! So here are the jumbled updates about my mission experience.  Arizona, what's with the rain? I thought I lived in the desert... We have had so many cold days and so much rain recently. We're talkin' in the 50's all day! Crazy!  I went with Sister Anderson, a woman from my ward who I love, on ministering visits for the Stake President. As Sister Anderson talked with this lady we were visiting she told us of her life story and of all of the trials and such that she had been through. I was just so touched at how she raised 8 kids as a single mother. She is an amazing woman and it just increased my desire to be a mother.  

We also helped this old lady move her things from her garage to a new house and seriously, no joke, her garage was frozen in time in the year 1972. It was a beautiful sight. Canned food that expired decades ago, ancient coffee makers, old magazines, jean stretchers, curlers, glass bottles of prescriptions, tonics, and pills. It was actually so fun to help her pack boxes that hadn't been touched for years. Another tender mercy. 

There is this woman who told us we would be helping her friend move into our ward but then when we got there she just sat us down and said, I actually just bought you lunch! And we ate lunch with her and her friend. It was a tender mercy for sure. 

We, Sister Child's and I also got asked to be shift leaders for Christmas lights which means that we will most likely be staying together for another transfer, which would be absolutely crazy and that would be 6 months with my trainer... We'll see!!!  

I also had the most putrid dinner of my entire mission... It was this atrocious concoction of vegetables cooked way too long until they turn into slimy mush and chunked chicken... And not only was it terrible, but the mother of the family insisted on serving us 2-3 heaping scoops of the stuff. Anyways, they were the sweetest family but it was definitely an interesting night. Oh, and Sister Child's somehow loved it and ate the whole plate, so I had to eat most of it to be polite. But really, if that's the worst thing I ever eat on my mission I'll be just fine.  

There is another picture attached of the Quilt lady who sewed this beautiful custom designed quilt. I think I want to make one just like it some day.  

There is a picture of Sister Child's and I picking up Sister Elisan from the mission home. We day trained her. She came from the Philippines and was a wonderful addition to our companionship for the day.  

Sister Molgard sent me this wonderful signed copy of a gorgeous painting about two sister missionaries which was such a thoughtful and lovely gift to me. Thank you sister Molgard! I have been blessed by all that you have taught me.  

As a suggestion you can read "LOVE- the essence of the gospel" by president Monson and decide how you will show your love to others. 

Sister Zimmerman  

Sorry this email wasn't very spiritual, I just had a lot of updates and not a lot of time. I will have some serious spiritual find is in the future

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