Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So this is what JOY feels like. I guess I’ve never known until now!

General Conference. April 2014.:

This week we had a wonderful experience with one of our sweet investigators. She has been investigating the church for a really long time and couldn't seem to get past some things. She has a testimony of the church and just won't make the first step of faith to be baptized. I got frustrated with her at the beginning of our lesson because it
seemed like she had made no progress and I was ready to drop her right then and there...faith to find and faith to drop... But then the spirit whispered to me in my mind and I thought "what does she really need?" 

My first reaction was, "duah, she needs to get baptized" but then I thought again and asked her "what are you afraid of?" She started to tell us of how she has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. She went on and on about her experiences and how she really does know the church is true. I consoled her through her tears and began to cry myself as I told her that there is nothing to be afraid of. She said "no one has ever asked me that or cared about how I have been feeling" as she cried I remembered a line from my patriarchal blessing that talks about how I will be a strength to others around me and how I will be able to tell what things are holding people back and help them overcome their challenges. I learned that day that God will always fulfill his promises and that if we listen to the spirit we will never be led astray. We left and I felt so happy. I have never been so happy in my entire life then I have been on my mission. I was reading a talk about two missionaries who look at each other and say: “So this is what JOY feels like. I guess I’ve never known until now.” I feel that exact same way

Filled with Joy      I am so joyful lately and wish the same for everyone else on the  planet.May you all be filled with J O Y ! #joy #happiness #quotes:

"Joy is learning to “make friends with mortality.”

That’s a phrase my sister taught me long ago to help me endure when cars break down and bills pile up. She was trying to help me make the best of a telestial world, much as an aunt of President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994) did many years ago in Whitney, Idaho. Seeds were scarce, and she had just finished planting her peas when she looked out the kitchen window to see a rooster going down the row, scratching out her peas, and eating them. She ran outside, grabbed him, chopped off his head, opened him up, took out her peas, replanted them, and cooked him for supper."

That's right! Go out and kill that chicken that eats your peas and spoils your hard work and eat him for dinner. Why would you let a pebble in your shoe ruin your journey or a chicken dig up your peas.

Here are some wonderful and inspiring talks I read this week. Give them a good read and let me know what you think! 

 The Quest For Joy
 Becoming Perfect In Christ
 Continue In Patience
Act in all Diligence

-- Sister Zimmerman

We led a little game at an activity days meeting with some sweet little girls and they were all given Articles of Faith bags. I attached a cute little picture of one of them. The pattern is very modern.

And here is a picture from our last Zone Conference... It's a seek and find for sister Zimmerman. Spot me if you can!

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