Monday, January 11, 2016

Phantom Energies and Soggy Apple Pie

I don't talk much about my area, so just so you know things are going great! We are finding 1 new investigator a day and we have 2 people on date soon to be 4 by the end of the week and life is great!

So as one of my many New Years goals I will be eating no desserts for a year...yeah so it's pretty much no happiness for a year! I figured that on my mission there is no need to eat dessert, it only slows us down and we're focused on the work so who needs all that sugar? Plus I will be spending this entire next year as a missionary so it is the perfect time -- ha ha 

So, funny story-- at a members house I declined a piece of apple pie and the mother of the home laughed as she took a piece and threw it in a strainer and rinsed off the sugar and goodness and then put it on my plate... And I ate soggy, rinsed-off apple pie... Yup.  It was also the most awkward dinner of my mission because the family was completely silent the entire dinner but that's okay!  I told my Ward mission leader about it later and he read me part of his nephews email about how African missionaries have to kill their own chickens so I should be grateful for soggy, tasteless, apple pie. Whatever, life is hard here sometimes too! Ha ha ha

Here's a little thought for you:
There are such things called Phantom or Vampire energies...and they work like this--Almost every appliance that is plugged into the wall that you are not using still uses energy. This is why they are called "vampire" energies and they can add up to 15% of your energy bill...
But I'm not here to talk about your energy bill, so let's relate this to the gospel, shall we...
What things in your life are not productive and simply suck energy or more importantly suck spiritual energy from you? Find out what those things are and get rid of them!
- Is it a type of social media that takes up too much time or teaches you things that are untrue?
- A television show that doesn't invite the spirit?
- A type of music that plays through your head even when it's over and doesn't have the best message?
- An activity or work that, although directly harmless, is taking you away from church or not allowing you enough sleep or time to read your scriptures?
- Is it a friend or group that is slowly taking you away from things that matter most like family and the gospel?

Whatever it is, trash it!!!

There is nothing worth as much as your spiritual safety and your salvation. What price will you pay to become closer to Jesus Christ?

--Sister Zimmerman

Everyone and their grandma has one of those hover boards or "sky walkers" and we have ridden enough of get the hang of it so there's that.

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