Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Wonderful Things We Can Learn From Computers!

So our missionary e-mail site must have crashed because many missionaries around the world had their emails not send this past Monday... #satanisreal

On the bright side...We all get 2 emails from sister Zimmerman today! Yay! Hopefully it's a good thing! ;)

Last weeks email:
Some general authorities came to Mesa and did a 5 stake boundary realignment. So many missionaries got mid-transfer transferred including my companion and I. We kept one Ward and whitewashed a newly created Ward--the Kensington Ward. So now Sister Duiai and I serve in the Kensington and Groves wards. God is good! Ha ha ha it has been a challenge but I love being missionary so BRING IT ON!

In sacrament meeting this week a man talked about an Intel production plant where he used to work which makes hard drives and computers and such. He said that in working for them he learned 2 rules by which they were to ALWAYS follow and they were:


He said "how can these 2 rules work together? If we copy exactly then we can't improve but if we continuously improve then we are changing and not exactly copying the product made before..." But actually these 2 rules work together and make a perfect analogy for how we should live our lives. We need to be exactly obedient and follow perfectly the Saviors example not straying here and there a little because we think it will be okay. When we are exactly obedient we will be continuously improving and changing to be more perfect like our Savior. We will be getting rid of the big boulders on our path and only left win small rocks to cast to the side as we continue on our journey. We will be cutting away our rough edges and smoothing our surface to a perfectly polished gem that brightly reflects the light of Christ. Remember the first step is COPY EXACTLY so start there. Pick an attribute of Christ and begin today to become a little more like our Savior. When we do that, we will naturally begin he process of continuous improvement. What a wonderful lesson to learn from computers!

Cathy's baptism was this week! She has been taught by missionaries for 30 years and finally decided to be baptized with Sister Duiai and I. It was a wonderful service and it was a privilege to be a part of her conversion. I love God's children! The spirit I felt during the entire service was remarkable. I will never forget the moment after the baptism to see another one of our investigators who will be baptized on the 27th come up to Cathy and say "that was the most peaceful thing I have ever experienced. I want my baptism to be just like that". Tears filled my eyes!

I absolutely love the special spirit that comes when I am doing missionary work. It is a very unique feeling. It fills me and overwhelms every part of me and causes me to want to just burst. I always smile when I feel the spirit like that. It happens all the time here in Mesa. It is good to know that I am doing what God wants me to do.

Sister Zimmerman

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