Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happiness is Love!

First things first: 
Shout out to my brother Austin who married his sweet Lexi for time and all eternity in the Payson, Utah temple this week! It is so exciting to have a new sister!!! I can't wait to meet her in 9 months! We'll have to photoshop me into all those wedding pics tho ;)

We have Heather's baptism this Friday and we are so excited for her. She has been taught by missionaries for 4 years and is now ready to be baptized. She's had to overcome so much to get to this point and is so prepared.

I had the privilege of attending Alicia's baptism this week. I taught Alicia in the Greenfield Ward before we lost that Ward and got Kensington in the big Stake realignment. She had a wonderful baptismal service and gave me such a big hug when we saw each other. She is only 12 and is the only member of her family who joined the church. What a brave girl! Way to go Alicia!

Alicia and I at her baptism

I got transfer news this week (hence why I am sending an email today) ...and I am staying in the Groves and Kensington wards (HALLELUJAH) with sister Duiai (WOO HOO) and President asked me to be a sister training leader this transfer! I will get to conduct companionship exchanges with and watch over a group of Sisters in our mission and attend MLC (mission leadership counsel). This will be a learning experience for me for sure!

This Friday will be my 9 month mark from when I entered the MTC. That means that I have served 1/2 of my full time mission. 9 beautiful months to go!

And some flowers a member gave us last week! So sweet!

In sacrament meeting this week a member of the bishopric got up after the opening prayer and said "thank you very much for hat prayer... everything is better after prayer!" How true! If you are having a rough day, pray! If you can't find the car keys, pray! If you are not sure your cinnamon rolls will turn out just how you want them to, pray! God cares about everything you care about and He wants you to succeed! He knows what you need before you ask Him ... but you need to ask Him! He wants to hear from you so speak to Him. It doesn't matter how awkward the words may come at first. Turn your Father in Heaven and just speak! (Look up the song "even when I can't speak"... I love it and have felt this way many times)

---Some things on my mind---

I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Alma chapter 26-31 which are my favorite right now! I have been learning about true focus, and change, and consecration, and conversion. There is a time in chapter 31 where all these stalwart men realize that the Zoramites are wicked and go to preach the gospel to them. They form...in my opinion... the "dream team" of missionaries to preach repentance unto them. This group includes Alma and most of the 4 sons of Mosiah who already served 14 year missions... But they are so converted and focused that their ONLY joy is preaching the gospel. Wow! Here are some of the people that went to preach repentance and why they are so amazing:

Alma- visited by an Angel as he was going about destroying the church. Repented and became the ruler after his father.preached the gospel.

Ammon- repented after he was visited by an Angel. Turned down the opportunity to be king to be a missionary. As a missionary he served and taught King Limhi and helped him and his household become converted. Opened the door for Aaron to teach Limhi's father.

Aaron, Omner, & Himni- also visited by the same angel with Alma and Ammon and changed his life. Also turned down the judgement seat to be a missionary. Was imprisoned and tortured and starved and beaten. Taught the gospel to Limhi's father after Ammon originally introduced him the the gospel and opened the gates for everyone in the entire land to be taught the gospel... Which wouldn't have happened if Aaron hadn't listened to the spirit which led him even unto the house of the King.

Zeezrom- was an anti-Christ but had a change of heart and became a missionary. Totally changed and converted! What a stud!

Amulek- obedient to an angel, became a companion to Alma the younger and was part in converting thousands, most likely lost his family in the fire when the king burned the believers but still had Faith that everything would be alright!

I can almost picture this group of men in slow motion walking towards the land of the Zoramites... No fear... No distractions... No doubts...  Wow!... Okay- back to reality! 

So needless to say I have been feeling a bit inadequate when I see the character of these amazing missionaries. I want to be like them. I want to become someone great. Someone who trembles at the appearance of sin and is focused on becoming like the Savior and finds my greatest joy in serving the Lord and sharing the gospel and will be generous and charitable and kind to all around me... I have a lot of work to do! I asked my roommate Sister Lopez about this and she could see that I was troubled. She directed me to President Jerkin's email this week that held some questions he wants to talk with us about during interviews this months.
These are the questions: 
- Why is it important to become?
- What does it mean to me to become?
- How do I become? What is the process?
- What have I become so far on my mission?
- What do I hope to become?

After thinking about truly becoming, my question is like Enos' when he asks, 
"Lord, How is it done?"... How can I become all these things I want to become?

***If you have any thoughts to share on any of this please send them my way!***

--- Just one more little thought for ya' ---

"When God can, He will give you what you want. When He can't, He will give you something better although you may need to wait for the eternities to get it or realize it."
-Jeffrey R. Holland
A license plate (OHIO TO ARIZONA) yeeeeeeah buddy!

Have a great week!
Sister Zimmerman

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