Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Purest GOLD!

Goodness me, where has the time gone?
A whole 6 weeks have gone by and yes I am being TRANSFERRED!

We pretty much freaked out when we got the news because Sister Colbert and I are both being transferred from the area. But here's the kicker of it all... we're staying together and white washing the Solomon (family Ward) and Candlelight Park YSA wards. !!!WOW!!! Crazy huh?

We're pretty sad to leave this area because of the amazing people and experiences we have had here.

So anyways we're packing and getting ready for some fun new adventures.
We transferred Donovan (the man from St. Lucia) to the YSA and were sad that we couldn't teach him... but he's in the new area we are being transferred to so that's a miracle!!!

Trevor & Selena
One day this week we were biking to an appointment. When we got there we parked our bikes and saw a man and a woman walking on the sidewalk approaching us. We determined that we would talk with them before we went in to teach the lesson... so, as missionaries do, we fuddled around with our bikes to make ourselves look busy until they came closer so we could talk with them. You can imagine how dumb we look ha ha ha but we try so hard to make things as comfortable as possible and to avoid unnecessary awkwardness ... like 2 missionaries smiling and waiting on the sidewalk for you to walk by. (We're excellent at these kind of "elite" missionary strategies used to talk with all of God's children) ha ha ha!

But as they came closer we heard the woman crying rather hysterically.
At this point we second guessed our original thought to share the gospel with them due to her emotional condition. "Did he hurt her? Should we get involved?" 
I still felt prompted to talk with them, despite my obvious hesitation, so as they came closer we left our bikes and said hello! We introduced ourselves and before we could tell them who we were and what we do, the man (Trevor) said "you know what, we're in the middle of a family crisis. Could you please come back and visit with us tonight at 6? We would love to hear what you have to say. We're in the house with the red trailer. See you soon" and walked away!

We stood there thinking "what just happened?"
We wondered if he was serious and what was going on but all we could do was trust that he'd keep his appointment. So later that night at 6pm we went by his house only to knock on the door and be rejected by another man we had never seen before.
We walked away from the door confused until we heard a voice coming from the garage. It was Trevor saying "hey ladies, I'm in here"
We sat down with him and heard his life story about how he was in his 20's but had been addicted to drugs for most of his life. He has been sober for 2 years and is looking for the truth. He was baptized into another church but didn't feel like he was forgiven from his sins. He didn't feel changed and was wondering if this was the church that could truly help him change. We taught him the Restoration right there and invited him to take the lessons with the YSA missionaries. He invited his sister Selena to join the lessons and she is in the family Ward. What a miracle!
So moral of the story... don't do drugs, talk with everyone about the gospel, and don't be afraid because God will only give us miracles after He tries our faith.

Ether 12:12
"For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith."

The Lord's Touchstone
A little while ago I read something that I don't actually understand all that well but it was about a test to see if something is real gold.... here it is:

"In ancient times, one test of the purity of gold was performed with a smooth, black, siliceous stone called a touchstone. 
When rubbed across the touchstone, the gold produced a streak or mark on its surface. The goldsmith matched this mark to a color on his chart of graded colors. 
The mark was redder as the amount of copper or alloy increased or yellower as the percentage of gold increased. This process showed quite accurately the purity of the gold. The touchstone method of testing the purity of gold was quick and was satisfactory for most practical purposes...

I suggest to you that the Lord has prepared a touchstone for you and me, an outward measurement of inward discipleship that marks our faithfulness and will survive the fires yet to come..."

President Hunter suggests that the touchstone of the Lord is our Love for God and for our neighbor. He will measure our devotion to him by how we love and serve our fellowmen.
And so he asks...

What kind of mark are you leaving on the Lord's touchstone?
Does the test show us to be 24-Karat gold or can the trace of fools gold be detected?

So this week show God that you you are pure in heart by serving others around you!
Look out instead of looking in and you will see that there are so many people who need your help!

Life is great!
There is no greater work than serving the Lord!
Love you,
Sister Zimmerman

Temple Pics with my companion

MTC companion whom I adore, and District...

And a cute little quote with a cactus in it... because you are enough

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