Monday, October 3, 2016

Love Has A Certain Way....

What a weekend!
We felt like it was Christmas!
Only during General Conference do you get to have 2 days packed with messages from God just waiting to be unwrapped in our lives! We absolutely love General Conference and we're on the edge of our seats the whole time! This is certainly a change from trying to keep
myself awake in past years of General Conference. It's interesting what things become exciting to missionaries since we have no other form of entertainment ha ha ha!

We're just enjoying this week of serving the Lord!
Transfer news comes out this Saturday so I'll keep you posted for next week!

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but let me tell you about a man named John Johnson.
Last transfer in my area some sisters got a call from a man asking for one of their wards starting times. As they talked the sisters found out that he was not a member of the church and was living in Washington and would be soon moving to Arizona. He showed interest in learning about the church but had to go before hey could teach a short lesson over the phone. So when I got into the area sister Colbert and I relocated his number and felt prompted to text this man and asked if he would want to take the lessons. We didn't know where he got our information but somehow he had called us earlier and God knew he was ready to find the truth. A while when by without a response and then out of the blue he responded and said he was very interested and could do a FaceTime lesson. So this week we sat down and began teaching him. He said that he was baptist and had this weird feeling that the Mormon church has what he needs. He said that every other church left him feeling so empty and there had to be something more than heaven and hell after this life. We knew just what lesson we would teach. As we shared the plan of salvation with him he seemed so deep in thought. At the end we invited him to say the first prayer he had ever
said out loud. It was beautiful, simple, and so pure... as all first prayers are! After he prayed he said "just now... I felt this warmth flow over my whole body... it feels so good."
He downloaded the Book of Mormon app that next day and began reading. He told us "it is amazing how he Book of Mormon just speaks to your heart." He will be meeting with missionaries in Phoenix on Oct 5th when he moves to AZ but it has been such a miracle to work with him so far.

God always provides a way for his children to come into His fold! And this weekend he was able to watch General Conference and said that it absolutely changed his life. From thousands of miles away missionary work can be done and you can do the same. Reach out to your friends and family members via social media and share the gospel in any way that you can! You never know how you could touch someone's heart and inspire them to learn more about the gospel!

"A man all wrapped up in himself makes a small bundle. Love has a certain way of making a small bundle large. The key is to love our neighbor, including the neighbor that is
difficult to love. We need to remember that though we make our friends, God has made our
neighbors--everywhere. Love should have no boundary; we should have no narrow loyalties.

Christ said "for if Ye love them which love you, what reward have he?
Do not even the publicans the same?"
- Howard W. Hunter

Enjoy this wonderful week!
With Love,
Sister Zimmerman


-biking like thugs ha ha ha

-Donovan (from St. Lucia) and us at the Visitors' Center

-flashback to the MTC

-Skype teaching my sweet friend Carmen from Italy who now goes to
school in London

-some goofy elders who found just the right action figures for themselves

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