Monday, November 14, 2016

"Not This Time Satan! BOO YAH!"

We're ALIVE!

So this week has been quite a doosey!

I got pretty sick... just the regular fever and chills and aches. But then in the morning I woke up and found some big bruises all over my legs that seemed to be getting worse as the day went on. Later during the week they spread to my arms and all around my legs. So with some persuasion from my parents and companion I decided too see a doctor. The determined that I had Erythema Nodosum which just means that my body made some gnarly bruises all over in response to me being sick. It only lasted for a week or so and the bruises are slowly going away but it has been quite a roller coaster. Thank goodness for modern medicine and loving Ward members who took care of me while I was under the weather.


Although I do not know exactly why God saw fit for me to be sick, I learned so much about how much I want to do God's work and how He will take care of us.

Also this week we were having dinner with a sweet little family and this intelligent little boy was talking about how he can listen to God and not Satan and he said "today I listened to God and not Satan because I listened to my mom and cleaned my room... not this time
Satan! Boo Yah!"
It was the cutest hung... but so true... don't listen to Satan!

I am learning about 2 things and would love your thoughts on them if you have some to share...

1. The power of the prayer of faith- how to pray with all my heart

2. It's okay to have weaknesses- sometimes I listen to the lies of Satan that say that I am not good enough because I have weaknesses... so I guess I just need to get comfortable with being human and not desiring perfection all the time ha ha ha

Any thoughts that you would like to offer on this subject would be most welcomed!
Thank you!

Favorite scripture of the week: D&C 100:5-8

And that is all that I have for you this week...
I love the Lord!
I want to give all I have to Him!

Sister Zimmerman

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