Monday, January 23, 2017

In the End Only Kindness Matters

My heart is full today!
I feel so much gratitude and I know that God knows how to give good gifts to His children (3 Nephi 14:9-11). He is the perfect gift giver. He knows what you want and what you really don't want as well as your needs. He will give you experiences that may not feel like they are from His hand because He wants to see how far you will go on a long and difficult path trusting in Him. He knows your ultimate potential and He, more than anyone else, wants you to get there. I know that God is mindful of His children (Mormon 5:23). This week I just wanted to testify of God's love because I feel it so strongly in my life.

I promise that He is mindful of you!

This week pray for opportunities to see His hand in your life and then look for His influence throughout each day. I promise that you will be amazed at how He is reaching out to you in even the small details of your life.

This week has been a good one! We've been teaching like crazy! I wish I had time to write all about them but needless to say I know the Lord is in charge of the work of salvation. He can do His own work but He loves us enough to give us the opportunity to be instruments in
His hands so that we can learn and grow. God is good!

We took a little shame (embarrassment, ridicule) for Christ on several occasions this week by some people who were not so ready to hear the gospel...  but that doesn't stop us. I have no problem taking a few harsh words or slammed doors if that is what is required of me. Christ took on a lot more shame than we did this week so we'll just keep going. When people reject our message it just means that a miracle is around the corner. There's no need to be discouraged when we trust in God. :)


“Do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities
equal to your tasks. Then the performance of your tasks will be no
miracle, but you will be the miracle.”
- Thomas S. Monson


Here's a quote I saw this week that I loved

When it's hard to trust in God,
and you'd rather do things your way-
it's good to ask yourself a simple question:
"Self, how many universes have you created?"
If the answer is "No universes,"
then just let God handle things.

Love it! So true! Ha ha ha!

Sister Zimmerman

This week all the missionaries who will be departing home at the end of the transfer were able to go to the Gilbert temple with President and sister Townsend. I love the Gilbert temple. It is spectacular! Also brother and sister Wood (formerly Elder and Sister Wood... senior couples in the AZMM) came back to visit! How I love and miss them so much!

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