Monday, January 30, 2017

The One Perfect Parent!

Let's Get it Rollin' with Some Miracles!

We've been struggling to find people to teach in our YSA Ward and are trying hard to talk with everyone and ask for referrals but nothing has brought forth a fruit yet... So last night we went out finding with sister Cook (Ward Mission Leaders wife) and let me tell you this... it's always best to involve members in any way that you can. MIRACLES happen with MEMBERS!
So we go to contact some potential investigators (contacted missionaries but never set a return appointment or were never taught anything) and had no luck. 30 minutes go by talking with so many people on the street and no one was interested. So we got in our car to visit a potential named Rachel who was a self referral by accident from several months ago before we were in the area... I don't know how one refers themselves through on accident but apparently it can be done... And we knock on the door and talk to Rachel who is actually not interested... but just then sister Cook said "hey don't you have a brother who knows my son Kevin?" She said "yes, let me go get him" and just then David comes to the door and immediately happiness comes to his face as he begins to talk to our member with whom he has had such fond memories. We talked with him for a while and to begin he was kind of closed off about religion and then sister Cook, this sweet old soul, said "David, what do you think of the first vision?" He began to open his mind and made connections to the Bible and we could tell that he had a desire to learn more. He accepted the opportunity to read from the Book of Mormon and pray and meet with us again next week! David is ready and if our member would not have spoken up he would still be perishing in unbelief.
God's got a plan!
It's our job to listen and obey and then see the miracles He can work through us!


From last Sunday to this Sunday our Stake had 2 Stake Conferences and 3 Devotional from prophets and apostles. 

Here's the run down:
  • Religious Freedom Conference: Dallin H. Oaks
  • Parent & Grandparent Broadcast (helping our children and grandchildren with technology and social media): M. Russell Ballard,
  • Ronald A. Raspband, Lynn G. Robbins, Jaoquin A. Costa
  • Youth Fireside (Q&A technology, missionary work, etc.): M. Russell
  • Ballard, Ronald A. Raspband, Lynn G. Robbins, Jaoquin A. Costa
  • Stake Conference: Elder Stoddard (area 70)
  • Stake Conference #2: Lynn G. Robbins, Devin J. Cornish
So needless to say sister Godfrey and I are filled with some great spiritual insights. I definitely have a very strong testimony that God calls prophets and apostles to coordinate the work of the church and minister to His children. These servants of the Lord sacrifice all to do God's will! I know that they are following Christ and I want to be like Christ too... so I will follow their counsel! I will share some insights I learned below.


Missionary Schedule Changes

So yes there have been some significant schedule changes and we have been following the schedule since Wednesday when the announcement was made. I love the changes! They allow us to use our agency and make our own decisions for how we can be most productive! Definitely inspired!



Yesterday, the 29th of January I hit my 18 month mark. It's not every day that you get the chance to testify of Christ in this capacity! It has been the the most amazing opportunity to experience change and to trust the Lord more than ever before. I have 2 more weeks until I will complete my full time mission and be reunited with my family. I will share my testimony more fully with you next week but I want you to know that I know that I know that Christ lives. He's at the head of this church and His gospel is the only way to return to live with Him.


The ONE Perfect Parent

Elder Robbins and the other general authorities that spoke at the parent's fireside spoke of what examples we can look to for how to parent. He often said "let's look to the example of the 1 perfect parent, our Heavenly Father." I guess I just never thought of Heavenly Father as the only perfect parent... perhaps because I have never really had to think about that considering the fact that I'm not a parent. But I know that He is a parent to me. He is ever patient when I make mistakes and he respects my progress however slow it may be. He listens to everything I say and think and He loves me perfectly despite my weaknesses (which He gave me). I'd like to dispute that "only" perfect parent thing a little bit because I think I have the 2nd and 3rd most Perfect parents! Seriously my parents are pretty awesome. Every bit of parenting counsel that the general authorities gave to the 52 stakes joining the broadcast is something that my parents have been trying to do with us. I know that my parents must pray for us kids so much and make many sacrifices for our spiritual and physical welfare. I will never know how much they do for us! I know I will always look to them as examples of righteous parenthood along with the only perfect parent out Heavenly Father. I personally would love to live with my family forever.


"Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill


Make today a great day!
Serve someone in need!
- Sister Zimmerman


Sister Hirschi and I on a little exchange when she was sick

A great quote

Weird things you find in members homes (his name is Squanto)

One of my favorite pictures of Christ

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