Monday, January 4, 2016

Beginning Again!!!

What a week!

We have been working hard in the Mountain View stake. No sitting time for sure. When I get home from my mission I am going to sleep for 3 days straight to catch up on all the energy I have expended. Ha ha not really, but sometimes it feels that way!

Sister Wi and I had a lovely time skyping our families and then spending the feast of the weekend contacting, spending time with, and singing to all the widows/widowers, and lonely in our area. It was the best Christmas! How could a day filled with family and service be anything but marvelous!

On a side note, for Christmas dinner we were fed ELK steaks! Real ELK that the head of the household and his son hunted, shot, killed, and cleaned... Not gonna lie it was a little weird but also delicious. We also had some strange Mexican fruit leather made from a bean/fruit called tamarind. Another few new things to add to the board of "weird things I did on my mission" (and for Dad... See, I'm broadening my horizons ; )

I'd like to share a few thoughts this week to help focus our thoughts towards the new year. As we make our goals and look towards the new year let us remember that Gods way is not the "kiddie ride" at the amusement park. It is hard, challenging, stretching, it takes us OUT of our comfort zone... but is the most rewarding. Let us not settle for the easy road and for temporary pleasure/immediate gratification only to miss out on future blessings and opportunities. Gods ways are always higher than our ways.

1 Nephi 21:11 It reads: "And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be exalted."

So yeah, naturally God makes HIS ways the hard ways so that we can experience the most personal growth possible. So pray to the Lord for what He wants you to become. We have all most likely come up with thoughts already of ways that we want to change, those are promptings from the spirit. Follow them, make them goals, write them down, and then pray about them every day. God will provide you with experiences that will help you accomplish your goals.

My friend Carmen Micheli sent me a postcard from Italy with a sweet and very inspiring poem on the back about life! Please read and let it inspire you to do the hard things.

Throughout my day, let there be hills to climb.
There is scant zest in mastering the plains.
For loitering, for rest there will be time when daylight wanes.
Let my horizon ever be a hill which I must reach although the trail be steep.
Up, Up, to climb with energy and will before I sleep
For when I reach the summit of the hill, I'll find my dreams guarding the topmost peak
The Sun will set, the air be calm and still and God will speak.
Not in a valley let me end my day, I would have heights to gain a clearer view.
Therefore, for hills and strength to climb I pray dear God to you.
Wilhelmina Stitch

With Gods help you can do anything!
-Sister Zimmerman

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