Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 11th- I Have A Broken Wing Here!

Some short thoughts this week:
We have seen some major teaching miracles this week where we contacted some golden people and they committed to be baptized on the first lesson. Seriously, tender mercies of the Lord. He is giving us work in the most unusual places as we try to be obedient and work as hard as we can! We talked to a woman running a rest home and asked if any members of the church stayed there. We ended up talking about the gospel, gaining her a Book of Mormon, and referring her to other missionaries. She was so excited to be taught and the Lord prepared her to meet us that day.

It's gettin' hot but there are some lost souls who seem to like the heat... So we'll do what it takes to find them! We had some more exchanges this week and got to interact with President Townsend in meetings and when he came to our first Ward this Sunday... That was a pleasant surprise. Sister Csolity is a gem! Love her so much!

We were at a Member Missionary Fireside where groups of missionaries sing and recent converts share their testimonies. This man was asked to share a short testimony and he got up and gave us a southern style sermon! It was amazing! Ha ha ha! Everything he said was absolutely true... It was just the manner it was presented in that was so funny... He said something profound near the end of his talk. He said:

"Don't be afraid to let God pour you out. Don't be afraid to let God pour himself out through you to accomplish the work he has for the multitudes. Lift them beyond where they are at. He has prepared you just for that.

Out of the mouths of babes ...and crazy old men... come the most inspiring messages!

But God really has created us to be tools in His hands. As we are obedient to what He asks we are then able to be used to accomplish God's miracles. I hope I am living in such a way that God can use me to do all the work He has planned for me here in Mesa, AZ.

A little later in the fireside another man gave a talk. He introduced himself, told his story and explained why he had a broken arm by saying:

"As you can see I have a broken wing here..." And I though... Don't we all? We all have broken pieces. We all need to be made whole. Good thing God is the best physician around and He knows how to fix anything and make it even better than it was before. I know that God will heal us!

We have transfers this coming week so I'll email on Tuesday and here are some fun pictures from this week!

Love you all!
~ sister Z ~

-lunch with Melody Larsen (our best friend)

-reunited with sister Duiai (baby D)

-some fun with sunglasses...a must have for the AZ sunshine

-Missionary life

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