Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 4th- God is God!

I don't have much time so I will just shoot off a quick email this week!

- We went to an amazing wedding this week and got to help with the flowers. It was so fun!

- Saw an amazing miracle where a woman saw us walking to and from out apartment and left a note on our door saying "I don't know what your religion is but I really need to talk to someone and I feel like you are the ones I should talk to"... It's a much longer story but it was such a tender mercy.

- We just put Brittany on date to be baptized in August. She's just trying to get permission from her father to be baptized because she's not 18 yet. God will make everything work out just perfectly so I don't worry about it!

- we went to the mall for the first time with sister Csolity this week! She's amazing! I am so glad to be her companion! I have been so lucky to serve with a,axing sisters who have blessed my life (sisters, Duiai, Wisanbannawit, and Child's) God knows me so well and knows just who I needed to be with to smooth out my edges and bless my life!

- if I could spend the whole day writing about the miracles we've seen this week I would and it still wouldn't be enough time to write them all. Thank you for the prayers and support! I feel them! I am so glad to have this time to serve the Lord right now! This is the best time
of my life! GOD IS SO GOOD!

- Okay a question for you to ponder this week-

Do we obey because ...
1. We fear the consequences?
2. We want blessings because of obedience?
3. We love God?

Take some time to evaluate what level you are at right now... Level 3 is where you want to be but if you're not there with certain right now then we can change. That's why we have the
Atonement!...  Spiritual food for thought!
And all I have is selfies this week... Along with a picture of what
happens when times get desperate in Arizona and there's no water to be
found... Ha ha just kidding!

Have a stellar week!
Find a time to testify of Christ this week! You won't regret it!
- Sister Zimmerman

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