Monday, September 5, 2016

"My Soul Did Long To Be There!"

Me & My New Companion Sis. Colbert who is from Texas!

This week's been a good one!
Here we go...
We have seen some serious miracles in this area and I love it so much!
It is very different than my last area due to the wards and the type of people living in the apartments which make up a good chunk of our area...
But I can tell you one thing, I LOVE these people so much!
Ever since I got here I knew it was the place for me.
Actually it was a little scary ... when I first got here we parked, got my first box out of the car, and I took a big breath of 2nd hand smoke filled air and said "hmm, this feels like a good place to be" ... Just then a small BMW rounds the corner at high speed being chased by a larger car which smashes into the back the BMW several times while both cars are still driving... a hit and run kind of deal! 😬 yikes! 
We were like 10 feet away from them and it was frightening but we're alive and that's what counts! Ha ha ha
Gotta love it!
Okay so here's my actual blog address if you're interested:

Satan's Chocolates
A while ago some sisters in my apartment had a bag of Dove chocolates. They have these cute little messages on them... But we realized overtime that those cute little messages are actually not so cute for missionaries... They are all encouraging us to break a rule or be disobedient ha ha ha! Missionary life is great!
I attached a picture below of all of the chocolate messages. Pretty great!

We were roaming the apartment complex and found this boy named Mateo to whom we gave a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment for the weekend. Later that day we got a referral for his same apartment but it was for a girl named Brandi. So we stopped by and it turns out that Brandi is a loving Mom with 7 kids who has taken the lessons before but lost track of the missionaries when she moved and wants to learn more... So ... Yeah! Wow! The kids came to a lesson this weekend and committed to be baptized and it was a miracle from God! I have always wanted to teach a whole family and it will be so exciting to see their growth over the next transfer.
We also put two sweet little girls on date this week. Their mother was baptized last month and they are excited to join the church and follow the Savior!

So I am serving in the Mesa North stake and believe it or not my uncle is the Bishop of the Porter Park Ward in our stake... CRAZY! And to make it even better my cousin Hannah and her sweet husband Todd teach mission prep on Sunday! We get to go to that class each week and it will be fun to see her there!
Oh the tender mercies of having family in your mission!
I love it ha ha ha!
Hannah and I took a picture together and my aunt Amy sent it to all of her friends in the Fairfield and Three Fountains wards... So I had many people come and tell me that they'll take care of me while I'm here. Thanks Amy!

Counsel from a Convert
I was reading the Book of Mormon today when Alma recounts his conversion story to his son Helaman. He's kind of having personal interviews with his sons and counseling them to be wise.
This time that I read something stood out to me.
In Alma 36:17-21 Alma so beautifully tells us the joy of repentance and how his life was forever changed through Jesus Christ...
But right near the end of that part of his conversion story in Alma 36:22 Alma tell us that he has a vision like Lehi where he sees God in heaven surrounded by angels singing praises to him and says...
"and my soul did long to be there"
It just hit me right then that my heart longs to be with God too! I can't imagine what it would be like to see God but I want to see him and I know I will someday... Much more than seeing Him though, I want to live with Him in His Kingdom forever. I really do!

That's all she wrote!
Have a wonderful week!
Loving every minute of this miracle mission,
Sister Zimmerman

Some Cool Pictures of the First Edition Book of Mormon!!!

Mom,  these reminded me of you!


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